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My Life (Part one).

My life began at 9:25 pm on November 5th 1991. I was born in Toronto a good place I geuss.  We moved before I turned 2 because my Dad is an RCMP officer.  We moved to Cornwall and then 2 years later my little bro (aka Twerp) was born. Shortly after that my mom foundout about my dad cheating on her with LINDA.  That witch tore up my family with some help from my Dad. So we moved away from my loving Daddy (we= me, my mom, and twerp) and went to live with Grandpa and Grandma in Regina Saskatchewan.  My mom was out of work so she went through the police academy there.  When she graduated  she was stationed in Moose Jaw,  we had a good life there.  Even though she had a couple heart brakes (mainly one though) then when i was i think 9 she reunited with an old friend Mike.  She went down to visit him and he came to visit us several times.  Finally mom goes on 1 last trip to Rome New York and comes back MARRIED! I was so furious at her to come home married this meant i had to leave the lifei loved and came accusomted to.  Man i was pissed off.  I coiuld have killed her.  But the next 5 day road trip to our new home didn`t help the least bit.  My cat peed every time the car started up.  She  NEARLY   ran away but i got to her when she hit the fence.  Then things kinda cooled off.  I was okay in Rome but then they decided to build a home in Herkimer New York.  Then i got a puppy his name is Rilee geuss what color he is??????  So we built the 2 story house onn our 5.6 acres of land.  And did the whole change schools business AGAIN!  Now even though i still hold a bit of a grudge on mom (for getting married w/out me there) I geuss it`s o.k. btween us now.  And  I`ll continue this when i have more life to tell about.    Love Ya  M.P.C. 

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